Property management

Complete services for owners of rental units

Do you own one or more rental units? Vaughn Realty can provide you with Full Service Property Management. We work for you in numerous ways.

Locating tenants

We help you achieve full occupancy by:

  • Placing property on our rental list, which is available to any prospective renters.
  • Listing your property on our free comprehensive website where it's easily accessible to prospective renters.
  • Writing ads for rental property and advertising rentals in local newspapers.

Processing Rental Applications

We handle all processing of rental applications, including:

  • Obtaining credit reports.
  • Verifying employment and income.
  • Checking previous rental history.
  • Collecting rent and security deposits.
  • Completing the monthly rental or lease agreement with an approved applicant.

Full Property Management

Our management services include:

  • Collecting monthly rents.
  • Handling all repairs and maintenance.
  • Handling tenant complaints.
  • Making mortgage payments, if desired.
  • Sending funds to the owner or depositing directly into owner's local bank account.
  • Sending monthly and year-end statements to the owner to show how funds have been disbursed, as well as year-end statements for tax purposes.

Property Management Fees

  • 10% of monthly rents collected.
  • Placement fee of $250 and costs of advertising.
  • Applicants pay for credit check.
  • $100 set-up fee for multiple units already occupied.
  • A minimum of $500 in Reserves for repairs.

Placement fees are charged for new tenants in a property, but will not be charged more than once in a six month period even if another placement is necessary.

To arrange for our services or to learn more, contact:

Charyce McGrew
Property Manager
Phone (760) 446-6561  Ext 14

Rental office hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9—6
  • Saturday: 12—5